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Wondering People offers a refreshing and diverse avenue into the art world. Unfazed by the dated and exclusive attitude of many in the industry, this young brand is charting its own path and introducing the world to an accessible and richly diverse collection of breathtaking and thoughtful artists. The Condo sat down with the founders, Sophie Merrell and Isabella Rothman, to find out what art means to them and the best ways to curate pieces in our homes.

Lifelong friends Merrell and Rothman launched Wondering People with the intention of creating a space that allows people to find and buy affordable art. Launching just before the first lockdown in the UK, the timing was perfect as many used this period to decorate and renovate their homes, and just as they needed them, there was Wondering People.

The lines between life and art blur for Wondering People, with the two elements forever interlinked and overlapping. “Art is a physical, tangible response to a feeling, thought, idea or belief”, according to Sophie. For Isabella, art is “the bringing together of people and a space”, so it seems perfectly natural that between them, they have created a unique online gallery showcasing diverse artists that occasionally blend into real life in the form of Supper Clubs and exhibitions. The women love to bring people together creatively and host clients in intimate settings that allow people to meet in real life while also showcasing their artists’ work.

Ceramic Sculptures by Dea Domus

Ceramic Sculptures by Dea Domus: Stirrup Hoop (Sold) and Pilgrim Moon Spike.

Ceramic Vessels by Toro Studio

Ceramic Vessels by Toro Studio.

Their approach to curation is intuitive and personal, yet it is always diverse. Their chosen approach is talking to prospective artists, getting to know them and understanding who they are as people rather than judging them on their CVs. “It’s essential to support a wide range of backgrounds, not just in terms of race but education and career to date. It’s important to us, and we’re constantly looking to showcase diversity.”

The women choose art based on a feeling, call it intuition. Do they have a connection to the piece? Would they like to live with it in their own homes? “Ultimately, it’s whether we feel connected to an artwork. It’s hard to describe, but you get a feeling when it’s a piece that really resonates with you. Fortunately, we share the same opinion, most of the time.”

The online gallery recently launched a Home Collection, which will be updated bi-annually. The collection is designed to “evoke a sense of belonging” and builds on the brand’s success of gifting at its inception. The women spent time sourcing makers they admire and whose work they resonate with. Isabella’s favourite piece from the collection is Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s La Chaleur vase, whereas Sophie loves Mathilde Felter’s woven wall hangings Les Lumières De Chez Moi. The duo have also set their sights on adding furniture makers and their art to the Home Collection.

Meet Me In The Middle Exhibition, 2023

Meet Me In The Middle Exhibition, 2023

On Reflection Exhibition at Nunnery Gallery, Autumn 2023

According to Sophie, “Art brings a space to life, and seeing someone’s collection in their homes gives you a little sense of them. It reflects their personality.” The beauty of art is its ability to transcend time and generations; “It’s a way of expressing something within someone, yet it can last for years and years to come,” which makes it so important in a home. The art you select “captures a moment in time and preserves the memory of what is happening in your life.” It’s significant and impactful.

For anyone looking to purchase their own artwork, the founders recommend following your intuition. “Go with your gut”, says Sophie, “if you have a connection with a piece and love it straight away, follow that.” Isabella agrees: “See what you have a connection with rather than selecting a piece of art you think you should like.” Consider what you’re buying and avoid purchasing artwork because “Apparently, they will be really big”. Sophie confirms this approach: “If you can afford it and you’ve fallen in love with it, go with that.” Equally important is to support emerging artists, which is where Wondering People comes into its own. The platform is the perfect, beautiful starting point for anyone looking to enter the art world.

For those who struggle to decide, Wondering People has recently launched a bespoke art consultancy service where they “curate personalised collections” for individuals or businesses. The team will personally visit your space and collaborate with you, offering “tailored advice on suitable artworks and artists”.

Visit Wondering People to view their online gallery and learn more about their art consultancy service.

Wondering People Supper Club
Wondering People Supper Club
Wondering People Supper Club

Summer Supper Club: Golborne 44 X Wondering People.

The Seed Bowl by Gabriella Rhodes

Seed Bowl by Gabriella Rhodes.

Traffic Light Exhibition, January 2022

Traffic Light Exhibition, January 2022 - featuring chairs by Golborne 44.