Frama - Bathroom
the condo curates


Words by Lucy Siddall

Curate your own soothing and restful moment.

The start of the new year comes with a promise of vitality and excitement for what’s to come, yet we often find ourselves exhausted from the festive season to which we have just said goodbye. Before settling into the busy and frantic yet invigorating nature of the new year, we require a moment of restoration - a chance to recuperate our depleted resources and evoke a state of utter relaxation. It’s time for muscles to relax and brains to unravel as we slowly, gently return to normality and the start of 2024.

Melt into the bubbles of a hot bath, unfurl under an irresistibly soft blanket or simply carve a moment of the day to fully relax and soften in a soulful and inviting living space. Pack away the festive remnants, store well-loved gifts and clear the lounge of wrapping paper because it’s time to indulge in some much-needed self-care.

The smallest corner in a home can become a yoga studio. Bolster (similar here), cork yoga mat (similar here) and cotton yoga belt (similar here). Image by Niki Brantmark.

Embracing the luxury of calm - Way of Life's rental apartments at the Sessile. Lamp by Soho Home (alternative here), Hostages to Fortune by Persephone Books, ceramic mug (alternative here), Linen Bedding (similar here) and cushion (similar here).

Bath Soak by Palm of Feronia

An indulgent, immersive sensory journey. Forest Moss Bath Soak by Palm of Feronia.

H&M Home - Relaxing Mornings

Early morning moments for reflection. Ceramic Tumblers (similar here), granite tray (similar here), tufted bedspread (similar here) and linen bedding. Image via H&M Home.