The Condo Curates the Kitchen & Pantry

The Kitchen

The heart of the home, where families and friends come
together and memories are made.

As we enter the colder months and dining has truly moved from the outdoors to the indoors we embrace the warmth of our kitchens and the nourishing space they can create.

The team at the Condo has curated a beautiful edit around the most important room in the house, that considers form, function and uniqueness and extends beyond food preparation and into storage, inspiration and comfort.

The Condo Curates the Kitchen & Pantry

The island: featuring stools by Rachel Donath, glass lamp shades (similar here), fruit bowl by Serax, casserole by Le Creuset and mortar & pestle by House Doctor.

The Condo Curates the Kitchen & Pantry

The pantry shelf: storage jars by Franklin Lade, book stand by H&M Home, candle by Le Labo, white jug (similar here), black jug (similar here), marble & wood chopping board and Travertine Bowls by Kiwanø.

The Condo Curates the Kitchen & Pantry

The family table: kitchen table by La Redoute, dining chairs (similar here), mugs by Miyelle, fruit bowl by 101 Copenhagen and ceiling pendant by Lights&Lamps.