Fiona Fluer Christmas Tree.
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Nothing feels as festive as hand-picking and decorating
a fragrant Christmas tree and carefully adorning your home
with stylish seasonal accessories.

Whatever your version of the timeless tradition of festive decorating looks like, whether you have limited space, want to do things a little differently, or simply prefer an understated look, there’s a stylish solution for your home.

To help you strike a balance between extravagant holiday decor and elevated, luxurious styling, the Condo spoke to artistic florist Fiona Fleur for her suggestions on curating a considered festive feel at home.

The Condo: Where to begin when decorating?

Fiona Fleur: I love to use natural elements, especially on a Christmas tree. Foliage or dried decorations such as dried chillies work well. I’d pair these with ornate, almost concertina-style paper decorations and fairy lights for a very contemporary yet timeless look and feel. Avoid any of the plastic ornaments that are often associated with Christmas decorations.

TC: How do you achieve an elevated and luxurious look?

FF: For me, if you want to achieve an elevated environment, the main thing is the lighting. Double up on fairy lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere on your tree. Additional decorations on top of that will accentuate the lights even further.

TC: How to keep things low-key and stylish while maintaining that festive feel?

FF: Modern decorations such as paper baubles and concertina designs are a very contemporary and stylish way to create a festive feel. They are a nod to the traditional but in a very stylised way. Plus, any dried fruit instantly feels very festive and smells lovely.

Bentley Christmas Tree.

Bentley for Christmas 2021 in the world’s oldest Bentley dealership @hrowenbentley in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

Gordon Ramsey Entrance Fiona Fleur

A dramatic festive arch frames the entrance creating a stylistic visual to excite and entice the eyes.

Fiona Fleur Floral Studio in Covent Garden.

TC: Top considerations for dressing your home for the holiday season?

FF: Be selective with your use of garlands. Instead of putting them everywhere, pick specific areas and dress those up for a luxurious and elevated feel. For example, layer beautiful pine on a dining table and intersperse stylistic elements such as dried flowers. Finish the look with candles, and you have a beautiful table decoration. Having fewer pieces, such as a table centrepiece or a beautiful garland over a fireplace, is more impactful than having many separate decorations. Lastly, creating an asymmetrical design with your garlands helps to give your decor a natural, organic feel.

TC: How to create that festive atmosphere without a tree?

FF: Hanging fairy lights is a simple way of decorating without a tree, either over a fireplace or looping across a window using hooks. Garlands are a beautiful addition to any home; you can make them easily using chicken wire and pine. A vase with foliage or pine also looks very decorative. If you like colour, add gold florals, which look modern but have a traditional essence.

TC: What are your top alternatives to a traditional pine tree, whether faux or real?

FF: If you don’t want or have a tree, decorating plants in your home can look beautiful. Lights look magical, but keep it simple and avoid actual decorations. Or, a Pampas Tree looks very ethereal and stylistic.

TC: How to decorate your home when space is limited?

FF: It’s all about an understated look. Think about your space and be selective about where and what you decorate. Fairy lights around a window or a pine arrangement on a coffee table or TV stand work well. Ribbons in long loose bows are also beautiful and easy to achieve. When you enter the room, you want it to look effortless but with a hit of festivity. If you have a small space, don’t install something huge. Instead, work with the size you have.

Fiona Fleur for Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay.

Designed and created by Fiona Fleur for Pétrus by Gordon Ramsay.

The Festive Home 2

Timeless elegance, with a taste of tradition by Zara Home.

Bespoke design for @116pallmall by Fiona Fleur

Bespoke design for @116pallmall.

TC: Extravagant or understated?

FF: Always understated, but use the elements you do have effectively. With a garland, for example, drape it carefully across your fireplace and add a second type of pine to vary the texture.

TC: Tonal minimalism or bright, bold and varied?

FF: Tonal minimalism. I want a room to look considered and aligned. If you want to incorporate colour, avoid bright red and explore rich burgundies or deep navies with silver or gold instead. Keep colours tonal, minimal and stylish.

TC: Traditional or modern and alternative?

FF: I honestly think it’s a combination of the two. I don’t think either is appealing on its own. You want the beauty of a traditional aesthetic but modernised in your way. I would also suggest avoiding plastic decorations and opting for natural materials instead.

TC: How much is too much?

FF: The more important question is, does it work with your space? You want your decor to be harmonious with your home rather than look like it’s taking over. Equally, if you love an ‘over the top’ aesthetic, you should do that. You want your decorations to complement your existing interiors and current aesthetic.

TC: To tinsel or not to tinsel?

FF: Only if done tastefully! However, it’s not my preferred option from a sustainability perspective. If used, I would opt for the thinner, almost dripping tinsel rather than the chunky version, as it looks more elegant and in one colour rather than multiple.

Fiona Fleur Wreath

Wreath by Fiona Fleur.

Fern Living Tassel Ornament

Christmas paper tassels by Ferm Living.

Christmas tree by Zara Home.