Riley Uggla's Lounge
Making a Home

The Condo

The Condo team on the intricacies of making a house a
home, their favourite moments from 2023, and the items
they have their eyes on for the coming year.

Riley Uggla at the Pottery

“Investing in the right furniture for the space and adding soft textiles and warm lighting is crucial.” – Riley styling the space during one of the Condo’s shoots.

It’s not every year that you launch a global home platform rooted in incredible style and exquisite design. This year, however, is unique. To celebrate the Condo’s first festive season, the team have opened up about what makes a house a ‘home’, their favourite moments from the Condo’s journey so far and an edit of the pieces they love this December.

Riley Uggla, Founder

“The small, personal touches you add to your space make a house a home. Displaying cherished photographs, artwork, or sentimental items creates a sense of familiarity and makes the house feel like an extension of yourself. It’s also important to feel relaxed and calm at home, so investing in the right furniture for the space and adding soft textiles and warm lighting is crucial. It should feel calm and tranquil, like you’re wrapping yourself in a warm embrace when you step through the door.”

“If I had to pick my favourite thing about the Condo so far, it would be The Condo Curates. We put beautiful edits together each month and carefully select elegant, elevated items we know our readers will love.”


A corner in Riley’s living room, featuring the LOEWE Oregano Candle.

Fisher House

The Fisher House, photographed by Gavin Green.

Toni Din, Director of Brand and Creative

“A house becomes a home when it holds pieces that carry memories. I love that we have collected all our books, decorative items and kitchen accessories, amongst other things, over lifetimes and that everything tells a story. I know where I was when I purchased or received each addition and what it means to me. Scent is also essential and hugely emotive, be it a candle, mulled wine in the winter or ripe strawberries in the summer. It is the final, invisible touch that can turn a space into a home that is completely unique to you. Lastly, ensure your home flows just right for your everyday living and needs. The journey through a home and how each nook and corner is laid out and positioned is essential to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable.”

“I love the team we’ve built and the creative and artistic people we have spoken to over the past six months. I have learned so much. My favourite section of the Condo must be Making A Home. Our interviewees’ incredible expertise and insights into all the aspects that contribute to making a property a home are so inspiring - from scent and soft furnishings to restored furniture and choices in music."

Patches by Simone Polk
Pieces that carry memories

Quiet textures - Simone Polk's "Patches"

Rachel Donath's Home

Designer Rachel Donath's Home.

Katherine Ormerod, Editorial Director

“Personality, heart and authenticity make a house a home. A space also needs items that make it your own: books, lots of art and souvenirs, memories and mementoes from a well-lived life. My home is my sanctuary, the base from which I build my mental health and happiness, so it’s important I feel inspired by and connected to my home.”

“I’m a total nosy Parker, so obviously, I’ve loved the At Home With features. They offer an incredible insight into people’s lives and how they’ve achieved their chosen aesthetics. I loved Rachel Donath’s home, in particular, with the high ceilings, grand dining table and unique personal touches.”

Ashley Stark Kenner Inspiration
Marina Beaumont, Director of Marketing and Commerical

“To me, things that transcend a physical structure make a house a home - a carefully chosen colour palette, cushions that cradle you after a long day or the aroma of a home-cooked meal wafting from the kitchen. In the alchemy of creating a home, the fusion of personal identity, comfort and shared moments elevates a house to the status of a sanctuary.”

“The highlight of the Condo launch is undoubtedly the collaborative spirit that brought it to life, from the dedicated internal team to external contributors. Belief, strategy, and hard work converged seamlessly to bring this vision to the digital realm. As we wrap up 2023 with pride, my excitement for 2024 intensifies, anticipating a wealth of talented writers, contributors and compelling articles set to grace our platform.”

Ashley Stark Kenner Inspiration 2
Things that transcend physical structure

Comfort and shared moments elevate a house to the status of a sanctuary. Always looking to Ashley Stark Kenner for inspiration.


Donna Ida Home

Langdon Court Manor, Donna Ida's country retreat.

Skye Harrison, Director of PR and Communications

“For me, it is my dogs. We have two Spaniels, and the house feels like an empty shell when they aren’t here. They bring such warmth and personality to our space. From rushing to greet you at the door to lying in front of the fire, they make our house feel like a home. Family photos are also so important. Seeing our favourite memories on the walls holds the space in love, especially when you need a little boost. I also have some incredible shots of members of my family who are no longer here, and they evoke a warmth and love unexpressed in any other way. A great smell is also vital. Whether from a candle or something innate within a house, it is emotive and powerful and fosters such connection with a space.”

“Initially, seeing the platform come together for launch was incredible. Sharing the process with a team with the same vision and passion to create something luxurious and aspirational has been extraordinary. But I’ve also loved working with all parties, from collaborators to our evolving community and external partners. I can’t wait to unveil everything we have planned for 2024.”