Making a home

The New

Throw the perfect party this New Year and make
your end-of-year celebrations an elegant and
luxurious night to remember.

The end of the year is fast approaching, and whether you love it or loathe it, it’s time to start planning. Make your home the beating heart of the neighbourhood and welcome 2024 in style with our elevated guide on hosting and celebrating the past year.

Whether you’re an expert host or not, we’re on hand to help you execute an unmissable and memorable New Year’s party. Discover our top five tips below:

New Years Eve dinner table, sourced here.

Roebling cut crystal rocks glass, set of four by Soho Home.

The Styling

Keep your decor elegant and refined, and tailor your accessories to the style of your event. Are you hosting a formal meal? Carefully pressed napkins and delicate vases of seasonal plants look sophisticated and elevated. For something more casual, focus on the wider sitting and standing area. Remember, above all else, and no matter what your party style is, lighting is of the utmost importance. Create a beautiful festive glow that your guests will love to bask in, and fill your space with lots of fragrant seasonal candles, sparkling lights and a selection of dimmed lamps for a cosy and considered ambience.

The Playlist

Music is essential to any gathering. It sets the mood, invites energy and inspires the crowd. If you’re struggling with a place to start, enlist the help of your favourite artists and their collections. We suggest LT Wade’s playlist, created exclusively for the Condo. Arrange speakers throughout your space for a consistent and unified sound, or so you can raise/ lower the volume in specific areas.

Melted disco ball by Rotganzen.

Photography & Direction by Moriah Sawtelle for Remy Martin.

The Serve

Whether you’re a seasoned host or this is your first soireé, everyone knows the food and fizz must flow. But the beauty of hosting is you decide how this will look. Set the table for many or consciously place artistic dishes full of snacks around your space. Perhaps you’d like to serve delicious champagne in vintage crystal glasses, or you might opt for homemade cocktails in elegant tumblers. You could even turn your party into a communal preparatory experience and relinquish some post-party stress by asking your guests to bring their favourite dish. Whatever you decide, keep it simple and stylish; this is your evening to celebrate, too.

The Outfit

The goal for any gathering is to bring your favourite people together so you can lose yourself in the evening deep in shared conversation and festivities. So, choose an outfit that’s both showstopping and stylish yet comfortable enough for you to float from guest to guest and serve champagne at the stroke of midnight.

The Moment

Above all else, give yourself the time and space to enjoy what you’ve prepared. Spend time with your guests; they are there to make and remember memories with you. Soak up the ambience, savour the sound of laughter and clinking glasses in your home and reminisce about your favourite moments from this year.

Photography from the collection 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' by photographer and director Moriah Sawtelle.