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Words by Lucy Siddall

A multidisciplinary artist on tuning into the soundtrack of your
home and curating playlists you actually want to listen to.

LT Wade is a man with impeccable taste. He is someone who understands style, composition and curation. With over 17 years of experience in the music industry, his achievements include touring with Courtney Love, 50 song releases and multiple short stories published via Far Out Magazine. He is familiar with the power of music and is a voice to listen to when considering sound and style in the home.

The Condo spoke to Wade about tailoring sound to your environment, hosting a musical ‘potluck,’ and using playlists to elevate the interior of a home in a very emotive way.

Music is integral to Wade’s existence. As a child, before deciding to study Music Technology or even picking up the guitar, he would get lost in the tracks of his favourite bands. The distant sounds of San Diego acted as an escape to his young mind, and the melodies and rhythm of Blink 182’s catchy hits presented him with a whole new world, one far away from his hometown in the northeast of England.

Now, Wade sees music less as a form of escape and more as a tool to connect with himself and the world around him. Yet the essence of why he loved music then and still does now is the same: music “tells a story”, whether, with lyrics or not, it becomes part of you, “it bleeds into your life and allows you to dream”.

Wade uses music to explore the world around him, and instead of being particular about the tracks he plays, he sees it as a way of getting to know those around him. The musician regularly invites friends for “record nights”, where everyone brings a vinyl and plays what they enjoy, sharing albums in a relaxed and eye-opening way whilst simultaneously introducing new music to his space and elevating his experience at home. It’s a way of “welcoming people and getting to know them through their taste in music”. He admits hosting a musical ‘potluck’ night is also a good way of “discovering new music and keeping it fresh and revitalising” for his own library and listening catalogue.

LT Wade in his music corner

Wade in his music corner. Featuring the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer for Knoll.

One thing that’s very clear when talking to Wade is that he sees music as versatile and adaptive; it ebbs and flows with us, our feelings and our lives. It isn’t just about one thing or one situation. Music can be tailored, tuned, and tweaked to suit every time, place and mood. For Wade, that might mean starting his morning with John Coltrane’s soft, smooth and emotional sounds to help him “relax and ease into the day” and switching to something more upbeat and electronic later to inspire “optimism” in his work. There’s a reliable and reassuring nature to sound. Whatever your mood, you can find music to match it.

For some, sound at home looks like playing music from a laptop, but Wade encourages a more personalised approach. Music is a huge part of his home environment, so he has a “literal, dedicated space”, a music area where he can pick up his guitar and play under a framed photograph of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

Some people connect with sound through the music they listen to. For others, it might be a print on the wall. Whether it’s the cover of your favourite song, a vinyl of a nostalgic melody or an actual sound system, it’s an expression of personality—a way for individual preferences to weave themselves into your home’s rich and deeply personal style.

LT Wade's lounge

The lounge: featuring a vintage Gastone Rinaldi 1970s Dining Chair, Vintage Arc Chrome Floor Light (similar here) and Vintage Pineapple Ice Bucket (similar here).

Wade recommends the best quality music system you can afford. For him, that’s a wireless Sonos speaker system that plays seamlessly throughout his home, connecting all the rooms for maximum impact and sound experience. The aesthetic of Wade’s home, especially his music “spot”, is inspired by the Hollywood houses he visited during his time in LA. Walls adorned by vinyl and rows of beautiful bookshelves with a nod to the seventies. His house is an amalgamation of everything he has seen and loved as a musician. But it was a slow process, gathering bits and pieces, art and artefacts over the months and years, always waiting for the correct item before committing. He encourages this slow approach in others.

Studio Details at Casa Wade

Studio Details at Casa Wade.

To avoid repetition and to keep his listening fresh, Wade tailors his music to events and seasons. He also recommends switching up your choices depending on the time of year. As the seasons change, ‘the vibe of your house changes, the colours and mood change, the pace of your day changes’. Tailoring your music to the evolving days helps keep it fresh. In summer, uplifting and energetic electronic music is his go-to. Despite the heat, there’s an excitement to the season, an energy. In autumn, when things start to slow down and get a bit cooler, quieter “jazz or instrumental guitar seeps into his playlist”. In winter, Christmas is the focus, “of course,” for spring, there’s a growing excitement reflected in his choices as “everything starts to bloom and you come out of the dark period”. “Maybe I’m listening to The Postal Service” in the deep winter.

As the seasons change, ‘the vibe of your house changes, the colours and mood change, the pace of your day changes’. Tailoring your music to the evolving days helps keep it fresh.

Adjusting your music to the rhythms and beats representing that time of year ensures your listening remains in tune with your life and environment. And if Johnny Marr from The Smiths is a good judge of character and skill, then we’re listening to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Follow LT Wade on Spotify to discover his music and listen to his latest single, Could She Be the One?. Alternatively, get to know him via his Instagram LT Wade.

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