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A Creative Director with a passion for transforming your styling
ideas into reality. Riley Uggla in conversation with Leah Meredith
from Haus of Hyde.

Leah Meredith, founder of Haus of Hyde, initially launched the brand as a passion project. However, she quickly realised a product-based business wasn’t fulfilling her ‘craving for creativity’. So in 2021, she reimagined the company into what it is now, a multifaceted studio specialising in Interior Design, Brand Direction and Content Creation.

Here, the Condo founder Riley Uggla and Leah discuss Haus of Hyde and the importance of Interior Styling when making a house a home.

RU: Tell me a bit about Haus of Hyde.

LM: I launched the brand in 2015, and since then, it has evolved into the hybrid creative studio it is today. We offer innovative design services for a range of clients.

The interior side of Haus of Hyde works on various projects, including commercial builds, bespoke pieces and residential homes. We work from the initial design stage to sourcing, styling and completion.

RU: What does interior design mean to you?

LM: Interior design is the functional and operational aspect of designing a space. The design element works best at the initial stages of the project and runs alongside the build.

RU: How does interior styling differ?

LM: Alternatively, interior styling turns an area from a room into a profoundly personal environment. It is the art of curating lighting, furnishings and accessories. It enhances the space to create an overall style and feel that reflects the client’s unique preferences, for example, consulting on paint colours, designing bespoke pieces or sourcing a range of furniture and accessories.

It’s important to note while Interior Design can be functional, Interior Styling can elevate any room, no matter how big or small a space is.

Leah Meredith, founder of Haus of Hyde

Leah Meredith, founder of Haus of Hyde.

Haus of Hyde - Interior Design

The coffee table in Riley Uggla’s home. Rug by Nordic Knots and coffee table by Detjer (similar).

RU: Why do you think interior styling is so essential to a home?

LM: Interior styling is essential as it combines everything in the space, creating a stylish and cohesive look that’s personal to the client. Sometimes rooms can seem disjointed or unfinished, and clients can’t understand why. It’s our job to go into that space and change the aesthetic so that every time they enter, it makes them feel as it should.

RU: What would be a good starting point for someone interested in styling their home?

LM: Start on Pinterest. Pick one room and imagine what you want that space to look like. If you’re looking to style a living room, search for elements of the space you already have, e.g., marble mantlepiece or cove shelving. You will notice patterns in the styles you are immediately drawn towards. These boards will be helpful when you approach a styling team like us.

RU: Can you give our readers some ideas to help them style a room?

LM: These are my three simple room styling tips:

SCALE: Are you choosing pieces that are the correct scale for your space? It is optimal for a rug to be larger than the overall width of your sofa or bed. Extending it beyond the furniture frames the space and looks more considered and elevated.

TEXTURE: Mixing textures is essential—balance stone pieces like travertine tables with warm wood accessories, rustic bowls and vases.

MOOD: Think about the atmosphere you want to create in that space. What do you want to see when you wake up each morning? Could you add a beautiful calming piece of art to the opposite wall? Experiment with lighting - bedrooms should have lower lighting options to create a relaxing ambience.

Haus of Hyde - Interior Design

A small guest room, carefully curated using textures and natural materials. Wavy mirror by Six the Residence, wall light by Ferm Living.

RU: What interior style or trends do you love at the moment?

LM: I’m drawn to minimalistic style and art as it can transform a space in a calming way.

Rachel Donath is a furniture designer and collector I love for her elevated and considered design focussed pieces. Their bar stools are beautiful. The price points are higher, so these would be an investment piece to base your other design decisions around.

For unique and curated collections of rustic pots, Andfourstudio is a favourite. I love the originality of the pieces. They add warmth and such beautiful texture.

I also love playing with the dimensions of minimalist art. Whether very small and unexpected or prominent statement pieces that frame two pieces of furniture.

RU: You did that beautifully in my house. Do you have any favourite artists?

We regularly work with two brilliant artists: Hannah Noble Studio and George Lawrence. They have very different styles but embody a minimalist aesthetic and continually evolve with each piece they create.

RU: Which part of your job do you love most?

LM: Working on homes, as it’s more personal. I love using styling to reflect the personality of the people living there and transforming a space to function effectively- whilst still embodying both ours and their style.

RU: I loved working with you recently. It felt like an effortless experience.

LM: I agree. Working together was such an enjoyable experience. We immediately aligned in terms of style and the pieces we loved, which made working together seamless. Collaborating on many areas of the house meant we could create cohesion and functionality. Watching the project unfold and all the elements come together has been exciting.

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