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Words by Lucy Siddall

Artist and Designer Hannah Noble on the intuitive
nature of creation and art in the home.

Art with Hannah Noble

It was a leap of faith and a bold decision, ‘I’m an artist, and this is what I do now’. In early 2021, after years of balancing jobs in the hospitality industry with her creative exploration, Hannah Noble decided she’d had enough and stepped away from the toxic merry-go-round she found herself living on. It was a huge but essential risk. As Noble describes it, ‘a mental breakdown with a silver lining’. She carefully calculated how many pieces she had to sell to pay her rent, took to Instagram and worked hard to get it done.

Now, in her third studio since beginning, she is reaching a place of calm contentment and relishes the role she has crafted for herself. Her current studio is inspiring, bathed in light, and the quiet and reflective environment she works in radiates through her creations.

For Noble, art isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. It’s a consistent presence that’s both meditative and stimulating. She is led by intuition when painting for herself; freedom shrouds her work, and she creates what comes to her, ‘there isn’t a lot of logic to it. I turn up and do what I feel like doing that day’. For clients, the approach differs a little. Despite agreeing on a loose brief around colour and composition, it is still crucial that the work feels authentic to her. Clients know the work is for them, but Noble has to be happy with it too. ‘It requires a lot of trust’, admits Hannah.

Hannah Noble in her studio
Hannah Noble in her Studio

"Art isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life. It’s a consistent presence that’s both meditative and stimulating."

Hannah Noble at work, behind the scenes

Noble is very protective of her craft, spending approximately five hours in the studio daily to avoid ‘not wanting to go’. If that does happen, she steps away and lets herself get bored to reignite her creative spark, heading out of the city or forcing a change of scenery. For Noble ‘routine kills creativity’, so she prioritises exploring and witnessing new spaces.

Clients enjoy Noble’s work because it evokes a feeling of stillness and calm, ‘it’s quiet,’ she says and ‘allows for peaceful reflection’. Noble is interested in the psychology of colour and how the impact of one shade can differ from person to person. Earthy tones might be calming for one person but depressing for another, so Noble suggests carefully considering colour before adding art to a home. However, she insists ‘there are no rules’ and recommends readers invest in art that makes them feel how they want to feel in their spaces.

When working on a commission, Noble supports clients with size and creates a brief based on colour, tone, and composition. However, she encourages her clients to be open to an element of the unknown as ‘the piece will be completely unique and a surprise’ to both her and the client. She recommends those new to selecting art for their homes should not overthink it. ‘Go with your gut feeling, choose what you love, and don’t ask your family and friends because it’s not about them’.

Noble suggests commissioning an artist to create a piece for your home if possible. ‘Make sure you trust them but be open to the process’ and most of all, ‘have fun with it’ because ‘life’s too short to have art you don’t love in your home’.

Visit to learn more about her work and get in touch regarding commissions. Or, see more of her work on her Instagram.

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Hannah Noble's Works on Paper are available to order via her website and are created to order, framed or unframed.

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