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The Wonder of Flowers


The ethereal and visceral wonder of nostalgic flowers in the
home with Kasia Chinery and Amaia Rose Chaplin from Gloria Studio.

The north London-based florist Gloria Studio brings the awe of the natural world inside with their romantic, vibrant and considered arrangements. The studio, launched four years ago by Kasia Chinery and Amaia Rose Chaplin, now provides a bespoke service of artful and beautifully curated bouquets to individuals and businesses across London.

For the floristry duo, ‘home’ evokes a feeling of comfort and familiarity. It is an environment that reflects an individual and their aesthetic. We are “lucky to call London home,” say the women. They find themselves inspired daily by the urban green spaces they are surrounded by, especially the gardens of their friends and family but also, more widely, Britain and Europe’s natural landscapes. The green lands of the UK that they admire are reflected in their work, the “natural ramblings of the garden and green spaces” bringing elegance and a “sense of movement” to each arrangement.

Kasia explains seasonality is fundamental when approaching their work. It is how to get the best from plants and flowers for aesthetic and sustainability purposes. Seasonal flowers are not only freshest, but they are also widely available because they are in season. Wildflowers growing in bright, beautiful sprawling country fields and gardens are perfect in summer. However, in winter, roses, fresh pine cones, fragrant heather and foliage give a distinctly cool weather feel. “A strong focus on the seasonal” is critical, says Gloria Studio, for our business and when advising clients in their homes.

Seasonality is fundamental when choosing flowers. It is the best way to get plants and flowers that are aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Floristry cannot be viewed in isolation from the aesthetic of the rest of the house and must be considered alongside the home’s interior styling. Kasia explains nostalgia, heritage and cultural aspects all play into clients’ styles and lead their choices when choosing plants and flowers for the home and garden.

To create a cohesive flower or plant feel, Gloria Studio recommends thinking locationally within the home and incorporating greenery relating to your climate; avoid anything too tropical in cooler temperatures. “Working with a florist is a great way to ensure you match the right plants with the correct location in the home”, suggests Kasia, as it helps you make the most out of them, ensuring vibrancy and longevity.

It is essential to consider several factors when dressing your home, advises Kasia. The heat in a room, the location of the windows and the direction of the light all play a crucial role in whether or not the plants and flowers you have will thrive. Ensure you provide the plants in your home with the right amount of direct or indirect sunlight.

What works in one home may not be suitable for another, so according to Kasia, readers need to “find the balance between the longevity of the materials they’ve chosen and the individual’s desired aesthetic”. Adopt a playful approach to creating a cohesive feel in your home, says Amaia. Experiment with various flowers and “play with texture and tone for a vibrant feel”.

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