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Words by Lucy Siddall

Inside a remote Italian retreat once favoured by the Austrian
monarchy, where each element carefully demonstrates the
hotel's symbiotic relationship with its surrounding landscape.

The Spa at Forestis

Elevate your stay and experience complete physical and mental regeneration at the Private Spa.

Overlooking the breathtaking views of the Geislergruppe massif, a jagged and dramatic collection of mountains nestled in the Dolomites, Forestis, which sits 1800 m above sea level on the Plose mountain, marries paired-back elegance with a natural aesthetic. Grounded in the rhythms of nature, it is the ultimate conceptual destination for awe-inspiring quiet and regenerative relaxation.

For an exclusive take on our traditional ‘Spotlight On’ series, we’ve spoken to the co-owner of Forestis, Teresa Unterthiner and the Condo Founder, Riley Uggla, who recently visited the hotel, for a unique perspective that includes both a founder and guest view on this beautiful location.

"The serene atmosphere creates a sense of calm and tranquillity from the moment you arrive combined with the breathtaking views, vitalising mountain air and soothing atmosphere created by a soundtrack of nature."

Unterthiner considers the hotel an escape, “a complete immersion in nature”. Yet the noun ‘hotel’ seems barely appropriate for the expansive and utterly relaxing experience of staying at Forestis. The owners echo this sentiment, “we want our guests to take time for themselves and feel completely relaxed when they leave.” For Riley, the “serene atmosphere creates a sense of calm and tranquillity from the moment you arrive”. This trip was the Condo founder’s first visit to the Dolomites and she was enamoured by “the breathtaking views, vitalising mountain air and soothing atmosphere created by a soundtrack of nature”.

Views from Forestis

A stay at Forestis is carefully curated and designed to encourage a softening into yourself and the world around you. Architect Armin Sader achieved carbon-neutral and ecologically sensitive construction during the build, with the owners carefully considering and selecting every detail to mirror the surrounding landscape. From a guest’s perspective, this is immediately apparent: “The use of stone and timber enhances the connection between the space and its environment”, states Riley.

Staying at Forestis is to flow effortlessly between the hotel and nature, a conscious decision by Unterthiner and fellow owner Stefan Hinteregger, who stayed true to the region and the natural, authentic materials it provides. As Unterthiner notes, “We used local manufacturers, local woods and textiles. We only worked with South Tyrolean suppliers, including fabrics from a local mill in Trentino.” Each element of the hotel is carefully constructed so guests instantly feel the space’s harmonious relationship with the mountains on which it sits.

Bar and Lounge at Forestis

Discover the warmth and hospitality of South Tyrol as you gather around the indoor and outdoor fires.

The restaurant at Forestis

From the moment you arrive to the time of your departure, guests are invited to reconnect with themselves and the world around them. From the innovative ‘Forest Cuisine’ by Head Chef Roland Lamprecht using seasonal, locally sourced produce to the year-round wellness programmes and outdoor activities to the Forestis Spa based on native trees: mountain pine, spruce, larch and Swiss pine. For Riley, dining at Forestis was exceptional, “the menu changed daily, meaning each visit was a completely new experience and immersion into South Tyrolean cuisine. The restaurant is designed so that each booth feels private and cocooned, almost like we were the only people there, and every table overlooks the mountains. It was incredible”.

Both body and land are highly regarded at Forestis, with the owners striving to nurture both guests and the environment, including operating a zero plastic and zero waste policy. To adhere to this, the hotel has specially designed bespoke wooden boxes to collect produce from local suppliers, and every day a guest chooses not to use housekeeping, the Forestis team will plant a tree—an initiative that has resulted in the planting of over 7000 trees since opening in 2020.

Forestis Bedroom

Savour the expansive and jaw-dropping views of The Dolomites via the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Tower Suite.

The minimalist design language is a calming backdrop to a truly unique and memorable experience. For Riley, the interior aesthetic is a continuation of the mountain and blurs the lines between the inner hotel and surrounding nature, “The soft colour palettes, natural textures and minimalist furnishing give the feeling of bringing the outdoor environment in but in an incredibly soothing and atmospheric way”.

Outside the hotel, the dramatic mountains, whether covered in fresh snow or soft, dusty wildflowers, are a setting that is hard to forget. As Unterthiner puts it, “We want our guests to keep Forestis in their minds. Ultimately, everything is about how one feels, and we want our guests to take great memories away with them”. A consideration it is clear the visionary owners have achieved, “most guests tell us they have already started planning their return”.

Riley recommends using organic materials to recreate a similar warm yet minimalist sanctuary at home. “Natural stones or woods look incredible together”. This feel also extends to other interior elements: “subtle colours on the walls reminiscent of those found in nature”, and for soft furnishing, explore “linens, wool and hemp in muted colours”.

"Natural stones or woods look incredible together. Use subtle colours on the walls reminiscent of those found in nature and combine with linens, wool and hemp in muted colours."

Lastly, infusing your space with natural oils such as pine, spruce, or birch is an excellent way to recreate the dense mountain forest and bring the outdoors in. To find out more and book your stay at this luxurious refuge high in the spacious and expansive Dolomites, visit the Forestis website here.

The Forestis Spa

The Forestis Spa draws inspiration from the naturally occurring world and the ancient wisdom of the Celts.

The Forestis Spa

Uncover a profound sense of relaxation at the Forestis Spa.

Views from the Forestis Pool

Immerse yourself in the water of Plose Mountain, which fills the stone pool.