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Words by Lucy Siddall. Imagery by Baina.

Curating a luxurious yet warm and inviting spa
experience within the sanctuary of your own home.

Baina Chair

Where design meets functionality. BAINA's Cove Bath Towel in Clay draped over a vintage Wassily-style Spaghetti Cord Armchair.

Our day-to-day lives can be extremely frantic. We often rush from task to task or place to place without stopping and really thinking about what we’re doing. Yet mastering the art of slowing down and curating an environment optimal for complete and all-encompassing relaxation is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

This season, recreate the restorative and rejuvenating feeling of a spa using the simple yet historical notion of bathing.

"Take your time and be present where you once moved absently through routine. Indulge in the feeling of having nowhere else to be and truly relax."

According to Anna Fahey, co-founder of considered towelling company Baina, “bathing, as an intentional practice, can be an everyday act of self-care. It is accessible, simple and grounding for all”. A spa doesn’t have to be an “elaborate or expensive” weekend away; the beautiful, daily ritual of a bath or shower can become a profoundly relaxing and mindful experience within the comfort and seclusion of our homes. “It is a ritual that can aid relaxation, promote mindfulness, contribute to physical and mental well-being, and provide sensory pleasure through the feel of warm water, soothing scents, and the tactile sensation of cleansing.”

Take your time and be present

Textured simplicity with BAINA's Classic Bathing Set 11 in Clay.

Anna Fahey

BAINA co-founder Anna Fahey.

Baina Bath
Baina bath

"A ritual that can aid relaxation, promote mindfulness, contribute to physical and mental well-being."

Reestablish a bathing routine for the new year and “reconnect” to the process, “take your time and be present where you once absently moved through routine”, suggests Fahey. Let yourself “indulge in the feeling of having nowhere else to be and truly relax”.

Momentarily step away from the world and recreate an inviting “spa” environment at home with our gentle suggestions:

Be it a bath or a shower, immersing oneself in a warm body of water is incredibly therapeutic. Before spas became a luxury outing, society viewed them as a healing, therapeutic necessity. Today, the notion of a spa connotes a more indulgent attitude. Yet the benefits remain the same. A heated bath activates our parasympathetic nervous system, slows our heart rate and initiates a calm and relaxed response, allowing our entire beings to unwind. Research shows that bathing at a higher temperature has a positive effect on mental health, helping prevent and defeat depression and lift mood. One study even found that a hot bath can have as much of a positive impact, if not more, on depression as physical exercise as a rise in body temperature releases serotonin, the body’s natural mood-boosting hormone, meaning we feel happier when we bathe or have a hot shower. However, to protect your skin barrier and avoid inflammation, aim for a water temperature between 37 - 40˚C (slightly higher than the body’s natural temperature). Extremely hot water can cause dryness and aggravate skin conditions. Fahey also suggests “taking a glass of cold, crisp water when you bathe to stay hydrated as the temperature rises”. So, dip a toe, an ankle, a body into a hot pool of water and submerge under the surface. Allow the warmth to slow time and enter a state of utter relaxation.

Red Towel by Baina

Taking inspiration from mineral tones and earthy hues, the Cement and Rhus colourway forms an unexpected, yet elevated combination.

For those calming moments. Bethell Bath Towel in Paloma Sun & Ecru.

Elevate any at-home spa experience, according to Fahey, with an invigorating body scrub or “nourishing face mask” before sinking into the tub. “I also add epsom salts to soothe aching muscles”. Relax your entire being with a fragrant aromatherapy body wash or gentle self-massage using scented body oils. Take the opportunity to fully unwind and savour the atmosphere you have created while pampering yourself in the process.

Creating a restful environment starts with considered lighting. Bright lights are unconducive to genuine relaxation, so prioritise an optimal hue. Fahey suggests “lighting a candle to set the mood” and help you drift into a deep state of mental bliss. Battery-operated lamps or lights are a low-maintenance way of avoiding the glaring and cold overhead bulbs and allow experimentation of which kind of light creates the optimal setting.

Baina Bathrobe

Like a warm hug

Baina's Sulis Bathrobe in Tabac & Noir.

Baina Towel

Mid-Century inspired, 100% Organic Cotton Towels in Tabac & Noir.

Scent is well-known for its ability to evoke a particular feeling, mood or memory. Fragrances such as cedar wood or lavender are perfect for their soothing and calming properties. However, scent is profoundly personal, so consider the most relaxing one for you and start there. You may have a treasured bath oil or a scented candle from your last spa visit. Or emulate the expansive outdoors within your home and choose a pine, oakwood or birch scent. Experiment with layering fragrances for a multidimensional sensory experience. A favoured reed diffuser, scented oil or fresh flower that instantly transports you to a faraway place where all you feel is calm and relaxation.

Spas are well known for their soothing and ambient music. It’s one of the first things stressed individuals notice when they enter such a tranquil environment, and it has an indelible impact on us when we leave. Instrumental music’s calming effect on our bodies is well-documented, as it helps quiet the mind and relax the muscles. The British Academy of Sound Therapy found that listening to 30 minutes of instrumental music daily reduced the stress levels of 74% of study participants. This Spotify playlist is a mesmerising place to start for music that will soothe and calm the soul.

Towel whung with light shing through

Momentarily step away from the world and recreate an inviting “spa” environment at home.

Baina Campaign river

Exploring our innate connection to nature, using natural materials and connecting with our senses.

Transform a routine bath into a truly meditative and relaxing spa experience by leaving any technology at the door. Put your phone on silent in another room, forget about notifications and reply to emails later, just for now, just for 30 minutes. Let yourself truly experience the environment you have so carefully curated for yourself. Relax your aches, dissipate pent-up anxiety and unwind from a hectic life. Your phone, laptop and technology will still be there when you return.

Emulating a spa environment or bathing in hot water can profoundly impact our health and well-being in as little as ten minutes. So whether it’s a bath or simply a shower, discover a state of mental calm and increased mood as you reconnect to each sense, unwind and nurture feelings of extreme wellness this winter.

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